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 Pairing refugee/immigrant families with established local families. 



My journey into FAM Houston actually begins in the classroom. I was a student in “Theory and Practice of Evangelism” with Elaine Heath, when Hannah, Lindsey, and Daniel came to guest lecture for the evening. As they described FAM, I was compelled to learn more. On October 23, 2013, I took the day off of work to begin the journey of a lifetime.

I shadowed Hannah for a significant part of the day to see what it looked like to serve the church this way. What really captured my imagination was the Community Night that evening. In a courtyard at the Los Arcos apartment complex, I witnessed a holy chaos of children playing, parents laughing, and neighbors coming together in a way I had never seen before. I felt a deep warmth within me as I recognized that everything I saw was the Holy Spirit at work. I found myself continuing to come back, and my wife and I were eventually invited to be a part of the FAM Intentional Christian Community. From there, we built holy friendships with the people we met.

One such person is Grace. We had met before through community nights and ESL, but one night in particular cemented our friendship. Some Taizé brothers were in Houston, and with them we had a means of translation. Though it was slow communication, we were told that we were brothers and sisters, and that we were always welcome in her home. After this, I would encounter time and time again how God has been at work in and through Grace’s life, and I am privileged to be able to be able to call her a sister in Christ—to call her family.


It was God
When I come to America
I don’t know how to find friends, how to find church

It was God
I visit my friend Feza, Hannah visit at same time
It was God
Hannah pray to same God
This is how I find church and friends

In Africa when we see white people
We scared of them, we don’t understand them
They have different language than us and only come once a year

In America I see white people, Hannah, Russell,
They pray to same God
This is how we connect
God connected us

I don’t have sister, brother here
They still in Africa
Hannah, Russell become sister, brother
Pastor become sister
Pastor become brother
We become Family

FAM Leads

Mentorship with high school students/young adults.


ben & Samuel & Samuel

Coming soon

FAM Life

Young adults living together in Houston apartment complexes and houses in solidarity with refugee, immigrant, and low-income neighbors, learning to work and advocate for social justice and sustainable community in Houstonian neighborhoods.


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