Day 5. I thought that I understood


When I worked in helping and supporting refugees, I thought that I understood what they've been through.

When I became a refugee I knew that I didn't have any idea.

Did you ever feel that you are forced to leave your home knowing that you mostly will never come back again?

All your memories all your dreams and images of the future vanish in one moment.

Do you think it is an easy decision to make?

I hope that you didn't experiecnce that before.

Because it is very very painful. 

When you go through all of this—you reach a point where the only thing you can do is to wait. While you are waiting you have to believe that something good is going to happen. Wait for something that will turn all the pain to colorful butterflies. Because waiting without believing in a better tomorrow is suicide.

Wait—before you finish reading this count your blessings and feel gratitude for everything around you. Never take things for granted and enjoy your presence in this life.

—L. D.

Refugee affected by war in Syria + former employee in Refugee Assistance programs