Bringing heaven to Houston


Houstonians are bringing the kingdom of God here in our city as it is in heaven. World Series Champs, c’mon somebody! Really though — Jesus says we bring heaven to earth when we dump all our energy and resources into loving God and loving people.

FAM Houston is all about following Jesus and bringing heaven to Houston: working for justice by building empowered community with refugees, immigrants, and local Houstonians through practices of hospitality, mutuality, storytelling, and inclusivity. We befriend some of our most vulnerable neighbors — refugees who've come to America to be safe from war or persecution. Their already-challenging task of acclimating to a new homeland and becoming economically self-sufficient just became even harder thanks to Harvey.

God is calling FAM Houston to connect refugee and local families for friendship (program called FAMily) and teach neighbors how to build cross-cultural relationships. To further the ministry and raise financial support, I’ll be on the road a couple times a month preaching and nurturing partnerships with more congregations.

When I’m away, pray for refugees longing for the healing love of Christ. I’m deeply grateful to be in ministry with you, dear Westbury family. Thank you for generously dumping your gifts into God’s mission — may the Spirit continue to bring salvation to Houston.