Courage and the grace of Jesus


Last Wednesday, with courage, we gathered for our first weekly community meal to share food, fellowship and the love of Christ with our Fondren neighbors. Nobody knew what to expect – including us! But luckily, God did, and the Holy Spirit was definitely in the room. The diversity of backgrounds, ages, races, etc. was an expression of what I personally believe heaven will look like. 

So therein lies the question – how did people from all over the world end up in an apartment in SW Houston?

Courage and the grace of Jesus.

What struck me the whole evening was that 15 people from Rwanda, Tanzania, Georgia, Texas and more had the courage to come together to meet strangers in a strange place. But it didn’t stop there – the night was filled with boldness in interacting with new friends and bridging cultural barriers and patience with translations (3 different languages being translated!) I was so moved by the welcoming spirit of everyone in the room, you just know that God was doing something powerful in SW Houston.

And so I pray that by the grace of Jesus we will always have that sort of courage and boldness not just on Wednesday nights, but through the whole of our lives.

To unify us.